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Acid auryl sulphate, AuOHSO4

Acid auryl sulphate, AuOHSO4, is produced by the action of concentrated sulphuric acid on auric hydroxide at 180° C., the brown, basic salt formed being converted by heating at 200° C. into the yellow acid auryl sulphate. It is decomposed by water with formation of auric hydroxide, but dissolves in concentrated sulphuric acid to a yellowish-red solution, from which it separates unchanged. When this acid solution is heated with potassium hydrogen sulphate, a yellow, crystalline salt of the formula KAu(SO4)2 separates. It is more stable than acid auryl sulphate, but is slowly decomposed by water, with formation of auric hydroxide, potassium sulphate, and sulphuric acid. A silver salt of similar type has also been prepared.

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